Within the entire programme this was one of the works which stood out for using the 360 concept in the most innovative way. We commend the originality and humour with which it presents several interconnected narratives. The considered presentation and cleverly responsive sound design allows the viewer to be the editor of their own experience.” – Encounters

“Our winning 360 film uses this medium to approach the story from two different perspectives. Even though the spectator has to follow on many parallel events, the director managed to develop a consistent storyline. The result is an extraordinary example for a parallel montage. The award for the category BEST 360 FILM goes to Fluchtpunkt by Béla Baptiste.” -Sehsüchte 

Fluchtpunkt of Béla Baptiste for its clever concept and its use of 3D sound, inviting viewers to rewatch the film and see different stories.” – Satis Expo

Fluchtpunkt has convinced for several reasons: On the one hand, the film has indeed enabled a 360 view – 360 degree were recorded with interesting scenarios and so the technical capabilities of VR were very well exploited; On the other hand, those scenes were linked together to create an interesting story. Exactly these two intersections make up the potential of VR in the end, which is why we would set the winner’s crown.” – Landshut