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Interview with Francis Ford Coppola in Atlanta, Interview with Sofia Coppola in NYC, Closeup on Me/Cfs in Vienna, K’ang: Paris Fashion Week, Feature: Seriphos Road Elegy, New Musicvideo shot in Cyprus and lots of new Headshots of interesting people!

The Obelisk.

Feature in pre-production.

Directing Belleville.

Cinematography for LVX MACHINA.

Collaborating with Adrian Hashimi to bring new tales into existence.

2nd AD for Uwe Boll’s New Feature.

Two of our Image Movies are Platinum Winner.

Finished a commissioned treatment in collaboration with Jannis Lenz for Rundfilm.

Edited Flight 704.

Wrote and directed two informercials on ME/CFS.

Cinematography and T.A. for Gino Pesi at Muhlenberg College Workshop, NYC.

Documented Women At War at Fridman Gallery, NYC.

Photo- & Videography for Brotha Shakespeare, NYC.

New Showreel.

ANGST : Festival Tour.

In a distant future, fear has been completely eradicated in order to find relief and peace beyond the hectic pace of life. That’s where Bobby comes in: selling pills to those who wish to get back in touch with their primal instincts.

Sound Installation at Espace Cardin.

Translated an article on conspiracy beliefs.

The term “conspiracy belief” is still less established in many languages than “conspiracy theorist” but the former more accurately describes the attitude of people who hold such views, which are discussed as a problem. These people usually do not propose refutable theories, but cultivate beliefs. Unlike the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the past, they often don’t even ring the doorbell beforehand and ask if they can talk to you about the secret string pullers. They spread their faith in abundance via social media, on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, in messenger apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

The Dutchman’s Pipe : Festival Tour.

Two detectives have been called to the mansion of Mrs. Deroche. She has gone missing and so has her 17th century heirloom: The Dutchman’s Pipe. Their only suspect is the young Austrian appraiser, Peter Zenk, sent to retrieve the priceless gem.

In development: a screenplay adaptation of Philipp Garbit’s radio plays.

Everyone knows there is a crazy person amongst us. Someone who turned this little five-story apartment building into a living hell.

Cinematography for Club Soccer.

Enough about me – check out my awesome wife instead!

Ongoing archival project : Andrew French Studio.

My mother’s proud: I’m featured on